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The logic of fractional ownership in Dubai

The Dubai real estate market is still relatively young and continues to struggle. Property prices have fallen steadily since 2014 and are almost 27% lower than their peak at the end of 2008.  

But as experts are predicting the market is close to bottoming out with a recovery expected later in 2017, what of alternative ownership options - those which have become very well established in other markets that started their recovery several years ago from the global downturn - notably the United States and parts of Europe?  

With the Dubai property market expected to start its recovery later in 2017, driven in part by increased spending ahead of Expo 2020, developers and agents should already be looking to expand their market by offering alternative, flexible options to attract more overseas buyers.

A handful of developers have identified the shared ownership concept as one with potential for significant growth - mainly timeshare offerings at a number of resorts such as Royal Club at Palm-Jumeirah and the Dubai Lagoon Vacation Club.  But the market remains immature and timeshare doesn't satisfy the pent up demand in Europe for the more sophisticated benefits that fractional ownership can offer - ownership of the asset, very flexible usage and far more owner control.  

There is no doubt that shared ownership of vacation property in Dubai is set to grow significantly over the next few years as the whole real estate market recovers. It is arguably the perfect destination for fractional ownership, ticking all the key boxes for a successful product:-

-   a truly year round destination in terms of climate, more so than anywhere in Europe, North America and the Caribbean

-   all the things that attract frequent and regular visitors - climate, shopping, culture and business opportunities

-   ease of access - no more than 6 hours flying time from the whole of Europe (including Russia), North Africa and most of Asia.

Europe is a lucrative market for promoting fractional ownership opportunities in Dubai. The concept has become accepted as a logical way to own vacation property and there is a huge market - not only buyers who could not afford to buy a luxury property outright, but also, perhaps a more lucrative market - those who can easily afford their own vacation home but prefer fractional ownership instead.

We are working with a number of UAE based agents and developers helping them to set up bespoke, secure and marketable ownership structures that can be promoted in Europe.