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Fractional Ownership in the UK

Fractional ownership of holiday property in the UK has experienced an increase in popularity over the last few years as new schemes have come to the market in traditional holiday destinations such as Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District and Scotland.

Doubts have been expressed in the past as to whether the fractional concept can develop in the UK. Overseas, fractional developers have focused on specific holiday experiences - beach, ski and golf. In the UK, a different market is being developed - one based on family holiday experiences.

The concept has the potential to significantly open up the opportunity of holiday house ownership to a huge group of people who aspire to an enhanced lifestyle but who have previously seen it as beyond their financial means.

The potential in the UK is supported by the significant demand for holiday cottages and lodges, not just in the summer months and school holidays, but, for certain locations, all year. This is particularly the case with popular coastal and estuary locations in the South West and also in Scotland. Some of these are based on particular leisure experiences such as golf and country pursuits such as shooting, fishing, riding and walking; but many have been successful simply because of the desire to spend time by the sea, whatever the season.

 Please contact us if you would like to share your thoughts on how you think fractional ownership in the UK may develop over the next few years.